Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A while ago I posted that this blog was getting the favour over my OTHER blog, sweetsarahj.blogspot.com. Well, the tables have turned. I have been in Tdot for two weeks now, and have just extended my stay thanks to the people at Aeroplan for an additional two weeks. Why do you want to go home?, you might be asking. Unfortunately G is on a plane right now, stopping in LA for 3 hours and then he begins one of his famous last-minute continent-jumping multiple-layover business trips, so I likely will not see him until June. Sound familiar? Shades of our first married year, right? Anyway, I decided it would be better for my mental state to stay in Ontario, and visit Cathy and Mary some more, including a camping trip to Darien Lake on May 2-4 weekend. Long story short, I am thousands of miles away from my kitchen and cooking in someone's else's kitchen feels like working with your arm amputated. Hopefully I will get a chance to eat some great food that SOMEONE ELSE has prepared, and I will surely keep you informed.

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