Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging 58 Roundup!

Tiggy is so excited to do the round-up this week!

Ok, actually she was a little PO'd that I interuppted her Free Cell game!
We have a bucket full of cuteness for you this week!! I got a lot of help from Bonnie at Miss Ellie's Page. Check her out for lots of pics of kitties and puppies and links of course! And check back with Clare later for future kitty-ness.

Here are this weekend's kitty cats!

It's the WWE Smackdown: Kitty Kat Edition over at For the Junta. The two heavyweight champions, Boots and Tess, battle it out for your enjoyment.

Click to meet a very hot and sleepy Maruschka over at Rosa's Yummy Yums.

Check out the big-eyed beauty Fluff Puff in her stolen spot at Masak-Masak.

Max poses as an evil genius, hatching a plot to follow Aria of Passionateonchalance to work one day.

Carmel is a tri-coloured cutie over at Heather's Space.

Whiskey reads Stacey's morning paper after what looks like a delicious brunch over at Just Braise.

Upsie munchs some plants and hones his ninja skills at What Did You Eat.

Arty leaps down from tall buildings at Two Black Cats and Me.

Widget is a purse-lover... leather preferred! She lives over at Peanut Butter and Purple Onions.

It's bath time for Brother at Restaurant Widow.

Jelly at I got Two Shoes clears up any misconceptions (pay attention kitties!) and offers a cute pic of Kamikaze

Taboo is pleading her case at Jelly Pizza.

A sleepy Agie guards feet at Kayaksoup.

Lucky sports a cute collar and attempts to beat the heat at French Toast France.

Spike and Boo are front and center in a beautiful collage at Watermark.

Virgil and Casey snooze and groom at Dynamic Duo.

Steven, Mark, Lindsay and Kelly are back home with Scamper Dude. for a little while longer.
Also check out Kitten Shower.

Here is a link to Tiggy in her kitty tent and playing in my hamper!

Gilnda is So happy Anne from Anne's Food is back from vacation in London!

Rhett is thinking inside the box at The Misadventures of Rico Loco.

Harley wants some attention, and NOW! at T-bird on a wire.

Some kittens, like children, just won't sit still. KitchenMage is trying to teach them, though!

If you've got a kitty link to add, leave me a comment!


PJ said...

What a great collection of links!
We really enjoyed them.

Judith said...

Thank you for youre WCB - a lovely round up and lovely cats.. PS Arty is a neutered Tom.

D said...

Thank you for idoing the round-up and including my post on it. All the posts were great.

AzureLynn said...

Hello! Thanks for doing the WCB round up for all of us. I updated my blog to include yours and how you volunteered this week to WCB hosting. I will check out all the links later this week.

whaleshaman said...

my kitty link:

Jelly Pizza: 12-step Program Needed...

whaleshaman said...

oops, taboo is a "she"!


Jelly Pizza: 12-step Program Needed...

kitchenmage said...

Thanks for taking this on in Clare's absence. My kittens weren't being very cooperative, although they were very cute.

StaceyBelle said...

Well done with the roundup-- I see you have "cat on a hot computer" trouble too! for some reason whatever i'm doing Whisky needs to be doing too.

Riana Lagarde said...

Oh, thank you so much for doing the roundup! You are so sweet ;) I'll link to your site!


Anonymous said...

awesome roundup! what is it w/ cats and keyboards? mine do that too - tiggy is just too cute :)

my musings said...

Love the cat pictures!

Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested