Friday, October 13, 2006

WCB 71: Hallowe'en contest

Hi All! Tiggy and I have been very busy preparing her costume for Skeezix's and Hot(m)BC's Hallowe'en costume contests. We argued over what she would wear. After seeing Kismet in his Hugh Hefner Robe, she was dead set on being a Playboy Bunny. I'm sure some of you parents out there know how hard it is to argue with a determined teenager. Despite my protests, she did get the costume she wanted (how could I say no to that sweet little face?). I think she wanted the costume to try and win Kismet's affections. I told her that he is a grown Man Cat and probably already has a girlfriend, but it didn't stop her from crusing his blog all night. She even decided to start her own blog.



sher said...

LOL!! I can't stop laughing!! That's incredible! Oh Tiggy--you need a television show. You're so adorable--and that costume! Well, I'm impressed.

aria said...

what? WHAT?!! wow that is something else!! how totally cute is little tigs? oh brother. i'm so knocked out right now over this. bravo, brahvoooo!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Dear Sarah,
Those are really neat pictures of Tiggy, and I love your new photo of you and Tiggy in your Profile too. Tiggy must be a pretty good-natured cat to let you put clothes on her. Keep up the good work.
Bonnie in Virginia

Lisa said...

YOU DID NOT! That is a riot. What is it with costumes this week? Rosa had headgear on her cats, and now this!

Sarah and Tiggy said...

Thanks everyone! I love her costume too! SHe hates the ears though. Vote for us now in Skeezix's contest:

Debodhonyaa said...

Has Tiggy been watching "The Girls NExt Door" again? I can't believe she actually let you put her in a t-shirt. What a well behaved kitty. My cats would throw a hissy fit and then disown me!

D said...

The previous comment was from me. For some reason blogger decided to log me into the beta version. Don't ask!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Hi Sarah,
Please take a look at Ellen's beautiful homemade Birthday Cake at
I just wanted you to see it since you are a cake preparer.
Ellen has joined us in WCB with her many, many tiny baby kittens from shelter that do not have a mom cat.
I voted for Tiggy. I hope you win the contest. The site has now closed the contest, and the voting is over.

Rachael said...

OH No Girl You Dittn't!

That is Hy-larity!

Writer on Board said...

Omg! I laughed so hard! Thank you, Sarah!