Thursday, October 19, 2006

What I miss about you

Dear Canada;
I know, it's been a while. I miss you too. We talk on the phone a lot, but it's just not the same... and it is too easy to forget about you down here in La La Land. Here's to remembering what I miss about you...

1. Tim Horton's.. I miss you everyday.
2. Pumping BEFORE paying... Oh Canada you are so trusting
3. The Seasons... bikinis in October will NEVER sit well with me.
4. The Fam... you know it.
5. The Metric system!!!! I miss you every day too!
6. Colourful money... it's not just for monopoly.
7. Proper spelling! It was meant to be colour, flavour, and lit!! Not Lighted!
8. Snow... Yes I miss winter (sort of).
9. World News! They think World News is: "An American in Paris..." "American Troops in Afganistan..." "American dignitaries in England..." "American Sanctions..."
10. President's Choice Products... there is no other.
11. Shakies on your popcorn at the movies! And huge movie theaters too.

What have I forgotton????


MaryB said...

The Fam is below Pumping before paying??? I'm hurt!! I can understand being below Timmy's but not gas stations...

Don't forget:
- Beer you can get drunk on
- Having a "Camping Season" which is really only 3 months
- Always having a snow brush in your car, even in July
- if you're really diligent, always having kitty litter too
- knowing what "diligent" means
- Being able to go to the doctor for ANYTHING - even just because you think he's cute :-)
- Not having to confirm your coverage with your provider before scheduling things like MRIs, ultrasounds, or other expensive procedures
- Not really caring about your politicians' personal lives
- Always able to start a conversation with a stranger about hockey, the weather, or politics... or all three
- Generally, just being able to trust pretty much everyone around you (to some degree)
- And trust them more, the further from the city you get!!

D said...

I love your comments about spelling and world news. I keep having to convince my lab mates that they really aren't speaking proper English and that American is a totally seperate language... and yes, it amazes me how little my lab mates know about the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

I forgot one more thing I'm SURE you miss about Canada - SWISS CHALET!!!