Sunday, June 25, 2006


This delicious chocolate bar traveled 8262 kilometers on two international flights to get to me yesterday afternoon. At least once a year, my dad travels to his hometown of Belfast, Republic of Northern Ireland, and the one and only thing we all request is a bar of British chocolate. This bar is pretty big, weighing in at 650g, or nearly 1.5 pounds, but it is not even the biggest bar they sell. Some years, if I'm lucky, I get a 1 kilo bar. Whenever my dad, brother or I travel back to "The Auld Country", each of us will bring back at least 8-10 bars, and it is a real consideration when packing to be sure and leave enough room in the suitcase for all the chocolate. The best, most requested flavour is "Fruit and Nut" which is packed with raisins and almonds. But the biggest reason for the hub-bub is that the chocolate is different than that which is sold here in North America. My dad swears it's because they use higher quality beans, and I don't know why it tastes as good as it does, but I can say for sure that it tastes less sweet and more creamy than the Cadbury bars sold here. If pressed for a guess, I would say it must have more milk ingredients to make it taste so creamy. One square melts on your tongue and cover your whole mouth with creamy chocolately goodness. My mouth is watering.


kitchenmage said...

Wait! Step away from the chocolate and nobody gets hurt! Seriously, Cadbury is apparently recalling all their 'dairy milk' bars in the UK/Ireland due to a salmonella scare. I've read different lists of which bars, but it looks like all of them.

...and to make it worse, I can explain the difference in mouth-feel/taste. Europe requires more fat in their chocolate. More fat, less sugar. Yum.

But salmonella. Not so much.

SweetSarahJ said...

Thanks for the tip.. I looked it up, and this size & type of bar was not affected. Truth be told, I would've eaten it anyway!