Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging

Hi Everyone!
Here is my first Weekend Cat Blogging experience. Tiggy has been driving me crazy today... she just won't stop playing, chasing my feet, and attcking everything that moves. I just want to pet her but she won't hold still!! Anyway, check out these super cute pictures. G gave her a tiny bit of his oatmeal this morning, she chowed down on it, then licked her lips!
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Clare Eats said...

oooh! She is ADORABLE!
So glad you joined in :)

aria said...

oh brother!

Riana said...

Oh! That is the cutest kitten ever!

s'kat said...

I just love the first picture- what a fluffy ball of cuteness!

vicci said...

What an adorable kitten....How old is she? I am taking care of 3 kittens and Mama cat that we found behind our garage..take a look and tell me how old you think my kittens are? Thanks, Vicci