Friday, June 23, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging 55

I bought a harness for Tiggy after reading about the success Claire from eatstuff had training Kiri. But a at harness was too big for my tiny little kitten, so I made a second trip and bought her a ferret harness. It fits really well, and she's being good about tolerating it, but she gets really wild and crazy (more then usual!) You can see the anger in her face on the first one!

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And for cutie pie baby animals every day, go to CUTE OVERLOAD This site is awesome! I check it everyday for cute pics of hamsters, bunnies, kittens, puppies, lambs, oh really any cute little furries!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just came across your blog..Your cat is absolutely adorable! We have leash trained ours as well..I've dealt with my fair share of crazy kitties and one thing that always helps tame the crazies- get another one! You'd think two crazy cats would be more trouble but they end up spending all their crazy kitten energy on each other!

Clare Eats said...

It is really worth it!
Just remember to take it slow and let her get used to it, give her lots of rewards and don't expect to be able to walk her for quite awhile
Just let her get used to the harness for increasingly long periods of time, then attach the lead and let her drag that around and then hold it. I have heard that hiding treats and walking with her at this point is good too :)

Don't forget to get her to like the car!! Take her for a few regualr drives with the harness on and just make her stay on your lap. It will make r life heaps easier! Oh and get her to like her cat box (travelling one) from an early age too :)