Friday, September 15, 2006

WCB 67

Hello all!
Please note that cat synth has volunteered to host this weekend! So go pay a visit to see all this week's kitties. Thanks so much! Are there are other volunteers to host in the upcoming weeks? The Cat Blogosphere had offered to help out, are you still interested? Let's try to organize a host in advance.

This week Tiggy insisted on taking over the WCB duties. She really wanted to show you all her toys (you know how children can be!). SO HERE SHE GOES:

This was my first fun toy. It's a Cat Dancer, and when I was a kitten I had so much fun trying to catch the end of it. It's just like chasing a bug! But I'm a little sick of it right now.

Here I am sleeping with my green fuzzy. I used to carry it around all the time when I was a little kitten. I carried it off somewhere and hid it so well that even I can't find it! I haven't seen it in months!

After I lost my green fuzzy, mommy made me some red fuzzys to play with from stuff she bought at the craft store. They have a small bell on them which drove me crazy!

My favorite toy of all time is my giraffe. I love to bite him on the neck and kick him furiously with my legs. Usually if someone is playing with my giraffe, I attack it, kill it, and then carry it away in my teeth and hide it somewhere.

This is my new toy! It is so much fun to hit it with my paw because it makes a chirping noise just like a real bird! It also has feathers that I love to pull out of the fabric. Mommy is going to have to fix them , I guess.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my toys!
With love,


aria said...

awww hi tiggy, you have quite the arsenal. armed and dangerously cute!! hee hee

Jelly said...

I LOVE Tiggy's toys! Yah! Kill the giraffe!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Tiggy has many nice toys. She is such a gorgeous kitty! I love her adorable looks and beautifully striped coat...

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Well it is clear that Tiggy is the love of your life this weekend, and she is not being neglected in the toy department.
It is nice to see how she is growing since you first got her.
My kitty has that little ball with feathers filled with catnip and pulls off all the feathers.