Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging 66 ROUND UP!

Here is the round-up so far of all the kitty action happening this weekend!
After volunteering myself for WCB Round-up duty, hubby reminded me of our camping trip booked for Sunday night thru Tuesday morning. So I will post it all up Sunday morning before leaving for Malibu Creek State Park. Here's hoping everyone sends in the pics early!

Tiggy might be jealous of the "other" kitties in my life.

Check out the pretty Diva at Miss Ellie's Page.

This pretty little fluffball named L.C. (Little Cutie) is up for adoption over at Scamperdude.

Help T Bird on a Wire to find a snappy caption for Harley's latest picture!

D over at The Hidden Paw trys to get Boots and Tess to exercise, since one is a Chubby Kitty! Is there a Jenny Craig for felines?

Watch the gorgeous Taboo protecting his prize at Jelly Pizza.

Harmon snoozes rather than scratches and Bustopher falls asleep latch-hooking over at Kate's page.

Visit Spike, the beautiful people-loving Manx at Watermark.

Visit Maruschka at Rosa's Yummy Yums and go for a virtual belly rub!

*singing* "One of these things is exactly like the other..." Which one is the kitten? Only KitchenMage knows for sure...

Fluffy Upsie has given up his house-and his grooming to a bunch of baby squirrels atWhat did you eat?

Anne has a lovely picture of Hamlet on his 6th birthday! Happy birthday Hamlet!

Mr. Mao
cuddles himself up in the bed at Kross-Eyed Kitty.

The Cat Blogosphere
has all the current kitty-net news here!

S'kat gives us an update on the super-cute Sirius at S'kat and the food.

Billy Lee
lays down the law at the Food Pornographer. Update!! Billy Lee learns to share!

Aria at passionateonchalance updates us on all the kitty happenings, including a cute pic of Max the Hammer.

Help out The Restaurant Widow find a home for this cutie!

Boo at Masak-Masak gives us a pic of a cute street stray beggin' for a pettin'.

Lisa at Champaign Taste watches as Georgie pulls himself up.

Check out the Luna play-by-play at Cat

Raspberry Baby
needs a home! Visit ScamperDude and check out her head shots.

Sinda drinks with drippy paws at Tina's site, A Blip on the Radar.

Bookcases are for more than just just books for beautiful tiger cat at Lali et Cie.

Dora and Mingo
read, sleep, and grow up (sniff!) here!

Lucky models the newest in kitty couture at These Days in French Life.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Tiggy is way too sweet on this wonderful picture! She is a cheeky looking little tiger...

kitchenmage said...

Thanks for hosting again! one of my kittens is here with mom, and you might even be able to tell them apart...

sher said...

Tiggy is adorable!!! Those ears speak volumns!!!

Anne said...

Thanks for hosting! Here's our post this week - Hamlet has his 6th birthday today!

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

What an adorable little kitten! Check out sleepy Mr. Mao pretending to be a stuffed animal

(PS: is that a hubbly-bubbly behind your couch? I have a few that I brought back with me from the Middle East!)

Hot(M)BC said...

Thanks so much for hosting this week. Here's our post
Would you like some help with WCB hosting? Maybe some of us in the Cat Blogosphere could help while Claire's away if yall (from the original group) would like. Email us if you'd like to talk about it and see if we can't help out.

s'kat said...

I used to have a little tiger-kitty who looked just like that! So sweet.

Sirius is finally settling into his new home:

tfp said...

Awww cute! Here's my contribution to WCB this weekend:

aria said...

look at tiny tiggy with those ears! he is so CUTE looks so focused. heres me wcb
thx for hosting :)

boo_licious said...

Tiggy is such a sweetie pie. Here's my kitty of the week - an adorable street cat:

Lisa said...

Thanks for doing the honors this weekend, Sarah. If I'm not too late, here's my link:

Big George tries to turn himself over on the chaise lounge.

Enjoy your camping trip. Cheers!

Tina T-P said...

Thanks for hosting WCB - & for your invitation. Sinda & I would like to join you all - come visit us at:

Hope you have a good time camping! Tina

Lali said...

Finally, I do find WBC's host! We had very long holidays, but here we are again!

Jory said...

Hi, I am new to blogging but I have been reading WCB every week since last fall and I love it. I wanted to post some pictures of my cats, if possible. So here's my link



Riana said...

Oh man, tiggy is sooooo cute!!!!

Lucky is modeling Igor's (beta name) hat....

Have fun camping!!

catsynth said...

Hi all. Anyone hosting WCB 67?
If not, I can do it.