Saturday, September 30, 2006

WCB 69

Sigh. Kittens, just like children, grow up too fast. Tiggy is becoming a young lady of a cat. She still retains the very kittenish behaviour, being very playful and sucking on the blankets as she falls alseep next to me. But she is also in the 'teenager' phase of cat life and she tries to push our limits daily. She plays in the courtyard every day, and it ranges from 1 hour outside to 3 depending on my schedule. She used to always come back in when I would call her. However, yesterday she was inside sitting in her chair, and I got up to close the door, and she shot up out of her seat and bolted outside. Sassy, isn't she?

But I have an even greater concern today. I'm concerned because Tiggy... well... she's easily led. I don't know how exactly how to say this, but really there is only one phrase to describe it: Kitty Porn. Here are some pictures I found on my camera:

"Hey Sailor.... looking for a date?"

"I see you looking at my legs."

"C'mon.... I'm not a kitten still.... not yet a cat."

I blame MTV.

Go and visit the House of (mostly) Black Cats for this week's round up!

Here is the updated schedule for WCB:
October 7- D at The Hidden Paw
October 14- Rosa from Rosa's Yummy yums
October 21- Jelly from I Got 2 Shoes.
October 28- Linda from Kayak Soup.
November 4- Lali from Lali et Cie.
November 11- Skeezix at Skeezix the Cat
November 18- Amar at Catsynth.
November 25- up for grabs
December 2 – D at The Hidden Paw
December 9 – Miz D and the Angry Cat at Belly timber
December 16- Kitchen Mage
December 23-back here at chefsarahjane
December 30- Lisa at Champaign Taste

Drop me a comment if you want to be included! I'm trying to figure out how to permalink this schedule into my sidebar, so hopefully it'll be there soon....


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Oh, those are bad. Bad Kitty.

Seriously, she is a cutie pie. How old is KC is 3 months old and looks huge now. They do grow up fast.

Catzee said...

I think I'm too lit to unnerstand.

D said...

Oh my, she's really got it going on, doesn't she? How adorable. I really like the first photograph.

sher said...

Yes--I immediately thought MTV is the cause of this. It's really shocking. Next she'll want to be a centerfold in Cat Fancy. Shudder.

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

What a cute comment from Sher. I love it.
I love the first photo too. Tiggy is really growing up since those original photos.
She still looks like a kitten facially. I love her.
They usually won't go far outside as long as there is food and love inside.
Stay, Tiggy, don't stray.
Bonnie in Virginia

aria said...

hahahah aww tiggy you are SO cute. i'm admiring your jet black paw pads, very nice. look out for internet predators tigs!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Tiggy is a very sexy kitty!!!

She really grows very fastly; stunning!...

Sara said...

Sarah, do you have an email address? I want to send you something.

kitchenmage said...

does she practice safe-yowling? I mean, a kitten's gotta do what a kitten's gotta do, but latex is your friend... :-)

btw, i'll take dec 16th